Entry Information

About your film

What should the film be about?

There are four categories in the competition that you can choose to enter. Your film can be any genre - drama, documentary, animation, comedy, art film etc. It must be entered into one of the following categories:

  1. Mobile Film (15-17)
  2. Mobile Film (18-25)
  3. Pro Equipment (15-17)
  4. Pro Equipment (18-25)

How long should the film be?

The film should run for one to five minutes, inclusive of credits.

Are you eligible to enter?

  • Do you or your film have a connection to Mandurah?
  • Are you aged 15-25yr or fit into one of the following categories: senior high school (years 11 and 12); tertiary (undergraduate/ TAFE); or new professional (post tertiary studies).
  • Did you make the film yourself?

About the process

Important dates

  • School based Workshops: June/July/Aug
  • Public Workshops: May-October
  • Entries Open: Monday 1st July
  • Entries Close: Monday 28th October
  • Judging: Oct/Nov
  • Presentation Night: Late November (TBC)

How to submit

When your final masterpiece is finished, click the big “Register Here” button to submit and upload. Be sure to have all the information listed below ready.

What information you need to submit

  • Connection to Mandurah Statement
  • Recommended Rating
  • Genre Selection
  • Short summary of your film to be used for marketing, max 280 characters
  • More detailed blurb about the film, including cast and crew you want to acknowledge. There are no size limits but keep it short and succinct, as this appears on your submission page on the TAKE1 website
  • A poster card for your film, which will appear on the entries page. More information below
  • A striking HD screenshot from your film. This should not include any text and should purely be a still from your submission. This should be a 1920px wide by 1080px high JPEG (standard HD) and will appear at the top of your submission page on the TAKE1 website

What happens next?

After your film is submitted and entries close, festival organisers will review the films and sort them into screening groups and judging will take place in this same time period. A shortlist will be announced in early November, and shortlisted entrants invited to the presentation night later in the month.

Designing your poster

Each submission should include a poster card in the form of a portrait A4 jpeg @ 72dpi (595px wide by 842px hight) which will appear in the entries page and across the TAKE1 website.

The style of your poster card is completely up to you, but it should be eye catching and give a sense of the mood or genre of your work. You can make something graphic, or use a still from your film. Each poster card should include the title of your film at minimum, but can also include a subtitle or the directors name, if you want. We recommend not including much other text or information on you poster card, as this will become cluttered when reduced in size. Avoid including a blurb or quotes in your poster, leave all that for your submission information.