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Highly Commended
Pro Film Making (15-17)

Ways of Seeing - Suzanna Steele

Directed by
Suzanna Steele

Winner of the Highly Commended Award in the 15-17 Pro Film Making category for the TAKE1 Youth Screen Festival 2019.

Influenced by the ideas of artists Barbara Kruger and Édouard Manet’s works, this experimental short film explores the concept of the objectification of women represented in the media and fashion, as well as how this representation influences younger women and girls how they think they should present themselves online and to others. The film explores different notions of gaze such as the ‘submissive’ gaze and the ‘challenging’ gaze from the subject, and audiences can understand how the subject can allow others to view them based on the power of the subject's gaze.


Suzanna Steele– Director
Suzanna Steele – Writer
Suzanna Steele – Producer

Taylor Stone - Key Cast

Sophia Gerakas - Key Cast

Monica Nguyen -Key Cast

Paulina Roxo -Key Cast

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