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Monsoon Moon - Just Friends (Official Music Video)

Directed by
Dean Gavin

“If only I could stay the night as a friend, if only we could live no regrets…” The last lines of Monsoon Moon’s (Shaun Pickett) debut hang heavy.
The single, ‘Just Friends’ is a strong offering about whether impulsive decisions prove to be the best ones.
From the artist formerly known and beloved as Command Q, ‘Just Friends’ is the tip of an iceberg of music from the Perth based Western Australian musician; stirring and ready to go.

Director Biography - Dean Gavin, Shaun Pickett, Zoe Hollyoak

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Directed by long time collaborator and visual artist Dean Gavin | Onyx Syndicate, the ‘Just Friends’ music video takes the viewer through the central narrative of the song driven by colour, visual eccentricity and pattern work.

Director Statement

“The relationship Shaun and I have is great because I respect the amount of time and work Shaun puts into the product alongside having faith in my own skills to assist in communicating his messages creatively. We’re only just getting started here.” - Dean Gavin


Dean Gavin – Director
Shaun Pickett – Director
Zoe Hollyoak – Director
Dean Gavin – Writer
Shaun Pickett – Writer
Shaun Pickett – Producer
Shaun Pickett – Key Cast“Male Lead”
Grace Sanders – Key Cast“Female Lead”
Qcumber Studios | Amanda Nella – Special Thanks

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